A Baker’s Dozen: Authors Unknown

Do you pick up books by authors you have no idea of? I love to do so, esp. when I feel I might be discovering a hidden gem. Here are thirteen books that I purchased this year with absolutely no idea of the authors. I liked the brief summary on the back cover and so purchased them:

Imaginative cover.


Have you read any of these? Which one would you recommend? Depending upon the covers which one would you have picked-up?


Part of my A Baker’s Dozen series. For other entries, click here.

9 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen: Authors Unknown

  1. I must admit I've only heard of one of these writers: C.J. Sansome. Haven't read any though. Judging from the covers I'd pick up NO REST FOR THE DOVE (Gorgeous cover.) and WINTER IN MADRID.


  2. I've taken chances on authors like that, too, Neeru. And sometimes it does pay off handsomely. I like Karin Fossum's work very much, and hope you will, too. Calling Out For You is one of her really good ones, I think.


  3. I may do a post like this for some of the books that I got at the book sale this weekend. Good idea.Plots and Errors by Jill McGown is a wonderful book. It is part of a series and I liked every one of them..I have not read Fossum but I have some of her books and I have heard that they are good.


  4. Yes, it does pay-off at times Margot. I can recall a couple of books that I picked up without having any idea about their authors and they turned out to be lovely. I picked up the Fossum because of its Indian connect and am very happy that you recommend it so highly too.


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