Authors Read


Aird, Catherine

The Religious Body (1966)

Ambler, Eric

The Dark Frontier (1936)


Bhasme, Ajinkya

As Death Stared Back (2019)

Bhattacharya, Smita

Kiss of Salt (2019)

Boca, Gaston

Les Invites de Minuit/ The Seventh Guest (1935)

Bond, Ruskin

A Gathering of Friends (2015)


Carmichael, Harry

The Seeds of Hate (1960)

Death Trap (1970)

Life Cycle (1978)

Carr, John Dickson

Papa La-Bas (1968)

Cecil, Henry

Hunt the Slipper (1977)

Cobb, Thomas

The Sark Street Chapel Murder (1930)

Cole, G.D.H & Margaret

Death of a Star (1932)

Dr. Tancred Begins (1935)

Curtiss, Ursula

Voice Out of Darkness (1948)


Disney, Dorothy Cameron

Death in the Back Seat (1936)


Fleming, Joan

A Daisy Chain for Satan (1950)

Maiden’s Prayer (1957)

Miss Bones (1959)

The Chill and the Kill (1964)


Fletcher, Lucille

The Strange Blue Yawl (1964)

The Girl in Cabin B54 (1968)

Night Watch (1972)

Mirror Image (1988)


Gilbert, Anthony

The Mouse who wouldn’t play Ball (1943)

Passenger to Nowhere (1965)

Gillard, Simon

The Affliction of Praha (2020)

Gregg, Cecil Freeman

The Old Manor: A Tale of Inspector Higgins (1945)


Hawley, Noah

Before the Fall (2016)

Hay, Mavis Doriel

The Santa Klaus Murder (1936)

Hill, Reginald

A Clubbable Woman (1970)

Hubbard, P.M.

A Rooted Sorrow (1973)

A Thirsty Evil (1974)


John, Katherine and Romilly

Death by Request (1933)


Kanon, Joseph

Los Alamos (1997)


Little, Conyth (Constance and Gwenyth)

The Black Gloves (1939)

The Black Shrouds (1941)

Lorac, E.C.R.

Black Beadle (1939)

Shroud of Darkness (1954)

The Last Escape/ Dishonour Among Thieves (1959)

Lowndes, Marie Belloc

And Call it Accident (1936)

The Injured Lover/ The Second Key (1936)


Mackail, Denis

The Majestic Mystery (1924)

Masterman, Walter S.

The Hunted Man (1938)


Oppenheim, E. Phillips

Judy of Bunter’s Buildings/ The Magnificent Hoax (1936)


Patrick, Q (See also Jonathan Stagge and Patrick Quentin)

Death in the Dovecot (1932)

Picardie, Justine

Daphne (2008)

Potts, Jean

Death of a Stray Cat (1955)

Preedy, George R. (Also see Joseph Shearing and Marjorie Bowen)

The Poisoners (1936)


Quentin, Patrick (See also Q. Patrick and Jonathan Stagge)

A Puzzle for Fools (1936)


Remarque, Erich Maria (1898-1970)

Three Comrades (1936)

Rinehart, Mary Roberts

The Album (1933)

Rowe, Jennifer

Grim Pickings (1991)


Sharp, Willoughby

Murder in Bermuda

Smith, Shelley

An Afternoon to Kill (1953)


Wade, Henry (1887-1969)

Bury Him Darkly (1936)

The High Sheriff (1937)

Walsh, J.M. (1897-1952)

The Hand of Doom (1927)

Waugh, Hillary (1920-2008)

Last Seen Wearing (1952)

Sleep Long, My Love (1959)

Girl on the Run (1965)

The Shadow Guest (1971)