D is for Drood: The Mystery Continues

'Then Ned - so threatened is he, wherever he may be while I am talking to you, dreary - should live to all eternity!'                                    Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood'I will tell you how I see it. … Continue reading D is for Drood: The Mystery Continues

Dark Desires: Dickens’ Edwin Drood

'Edwin, Edwin, Edwin,' she repeats, trailing off into a drowsy repetition of the word; and then asks suddenly: Is the short of that name Eddy?''It is sometimes called so,'he replies, with the colour starting to his face.'Don't sweethearts call it so?' she asks, pondering.How should I know!'Haven't you a sweetheart, upon your soul?''None.'She is moving … Continue reading Dark Desires: Dickens’ Edwin Drood