Challenging Myself: Three Mammoth Books

I am challenging myself to read three books by 15th October. They have been on my TBR for a very long……….. time and I feel that if I don’t read them now, I’ll never be able to read them. Mammoth books they are so I want to finish them before I get busy with Diwali cleaning and preparation.

Here are the books:

As I finish each text, I’ll treat myself to a mystery.

Have you read any of the three? How did you find it/ them?

11 thoughts on “Challenging Myself: Three Mammoth Books

  1. How ambitious, Neer. I am pretty sure I read Les Miserables when I was very young, but nothing else by Hugo. I recently read a book over 1000 pages (Under the Dome by Stephen King). Not in the same league as these books, and I was surprised I enjoyed it so much. Usually I stay away from overly long books, but I have a good number on my shelves.I look forward to your posts on these books.


  2. Thanks Patti for having a look. I too have read the Jungle but my favourite amongst the Sinclairs read is King Coal. Hope this one, which is an anthology, turns out to be good too.


  3. Thanks Tracy. I also think I have taken more than I can chew but well.. Hats off to you for reading a chunkster by Stephen King. It was, in fact, his mammoth IT that put me off him 🙂


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