Review: Shaheed aur Shohade by Manmath Nath Gupt

Good intentions do not always translate into good novels. Manmath Nath Gupt's Shaheed Aur Shohade is a good example of that. The writer, who was imprisoned for his involvement in the Kakori Train Case has written a number of books related to India's struggle for Independence. In this novel, he examines the attitude of the Indian members … Continue reading Review: Shaheed aur Shohade by Manmath Nath Gupt

15th August: Daag Daag Ujala

15th August always brings with it conflicting emotions. While on the one hand, there is a celebration of Independence, on the other, the shadow of Partition always accompanies it.Perhaps the words of Faiz describe it best:Ye daag daag ujaalaa, ye shab-gaziida sahar,Vo intizaar thaa jis-kaa, ye vo sahar to nahiin,Ye vo sahar to nahiin jis-kii … Continue reading 15th August: Daag Daag Ujala