Review: aapbeeti: Kale Pani ki Karawas Kahani

aapbeeti: Kale Pani ki Karawas Kahani by Bhai ParmanandMy rating: 3 of 5 stars The writer was a Professor of Modern European History at National College, Lahore and thus was a teacher of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. This was his memoir of his days in captivity at the Andamans. The book was proscribed by the … Continue reading Review: aapbeeti: Kale Pani ki Karawas Kahani

Review: Gandhi Benaqaab

Gandhi Benaqaab by Hansraj RahbarMy rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a brave book since many authors would shy away from exposing the 'Mahatma'. However in doing so Rahbar exposes his own prejudices. Nevertheless, it is a well-researched critique of Gandhi and his politics. First Line: Desh ki shashya shyamla bhumi par Shiv ka … Continue reading Review: Gandhi Benaqaab

Short Notes: Deshdrohi by Yashpal

 Bhagwandas Khanna, a doctor in the British Indian Army, is abducted by the Waziris, a Frontier tribe, near the fluid North-Western border of British India. That is the beginning of an adventure that sees him being converted into a Muslim; being sold-off in Ghazini; slipping in Soviet Russia and experiencing first-hand the great Socialist experiment; … Continue reading Short Notes: Deshdrohi by Yashpal

Review: Shaheed aur Shohade by Manmath Nath Gupt

Good intentions do not always translate into good novels. Manmath Nath Gupt's Shaheed Aur Shohade is a good example of that. The writer, who was imprisoned for his involvement in the Kakori Train Case has written a number of books related to India's struggle for Independence. In this novel, he examines the attitude of the Indian members … Continue reading Review: Shaheed aur Shohade by Manmath Nath Gupt