16 thoughts on “The Classics Club (2022-2027)

  1. I give you credit for doing this, Neeru. You’ve chosen such a great selection of books, too, from so many different eras. I’ll be very interested to know what you think of them as you read them, and if you see a pattern in the books you like and don’t like so well.

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  2. I have a couple of titles on my list that are on yours: Vanity Fair and Fahrenheit 451. Otherwise, a lot of yours will be new to me so that will be interesting. I didn’t count the number in your list but it sure looks big. I don’t know if I can finish mine by the end of 2023 but I will keep trying.

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      1. I have finished The Master and Margarita that is on your list, but have not gotten to Vanity Fair and Fahrenheit 451. Vanity Fair is so long, I am going to have a hard time with that. But it will be a good experience, I am sure.

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        1. I remember your review of Master. The book seems very daunting as does Vanity Fair. I envy my friend who read it during her Masters. She was so relieved. Wish I had read it that time too😀


  3. An ambitious list with lots of goodies on it and loads I’ve never heard of – looking forward to your reviews of them! A few I’ve loved are Vanity Fair, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and King Solomon’s Mines, And always happy to see Dickens on anyone’s list – A Tale of Two Cities is one of his best, I think. Have fun!

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    1. Thanks very much, FF. Your interest is most encouraging. I have started a book on this list and so far it’s going well. Read an abridged version of ATOTC in school. Looking forward to reading the full book.

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