Three Mysteries by Miles Burton

Miles Burton has been more miss than hit with me yet when I see his books I usually borrow them. Recently, I was lucky to find three of his lesser-known titles. Where is Barbara Prentice? When a police officer finds part of a fur coat wrapped around the buffer of an engine, he is bewildered … Continue reading Three Mysteries by Miles Burton

Four Novels by Miles Burton

Miles Burton is one of the psuedonyms of prolific GAD writer, Cecil John Charles Street, more famously known by another of his pseudonyms, John Rhode. This year I made a calculated effort to read the Burton novels. THE SECRET OF HIGH ELDERSHAM (1930): The first appearance of Burton's detective, Desmond Merrion, the novel begins well … Continue reading Four Novels by Miles Burton

Forgotten Books: Two Novels by Miles Burton

MR. WESTERBY MISSING (1940) Has it ever happened that you have wanted to shake the police-man sleuth in a novel, asking him to wake up? He is one of the finest, an officer of Scotland Yard, and yet why is he so clueless? It happened to me in John Rhode’s The Murders in Praed Street … Continue reading Forgotten Books: Two Novels by Miles Burton

Forgotten Book: Death Takes the Living by Miles Burton (1949)

 The Right Reverend Gerald William Kinghorn, Bishop of Fencaster, is going through his correspondence one January afternoon when his much-harassed chaplain brings him the card of one Reverend Jonathan Derby who is waiting for the bishop to grant him an audience. At first, the name means nothing to the Bishop and then he recalls that … Continue reading Forgotten Book: Death Takes the Living by Miles Burton (1949)