Friday Face Off: Murder Mystery in Space

Though Emma @ Words and Peace, I have come to know of an interesting meme: Friday Face Off, hosted @ Lynn's Book Blog. According to Lynn, "Each week, following a predetermined theme choose a book (this doesn’t have to be a book that you’ve read), compare a couple of the different covers available for that … Continue reading Friday Face Off: Murder Mystery in Space

Five Vintage Mysteries

With time at a premium - just where did this year DISAPPEAR? - I am writing short reviews of golden age mysteries read this year.THE HOLE IN THE WALL (1902)Arthur Morrison (1863-1945) was an English novelist and journalist. The Hole in the Wall is an interesting crime novel, narrated in part by a child Stephen … Continue reading Five Vintage Mysteries

Review: Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek # 34)

What would happen if during one of the most trying times of his professional career, Captain James T. Kirk was left to cope without the counsel and co-operation of his trusted friend, Bones McCoy?On a trip to Wagner Trading Station, the Enterprise receives a distress call. Apparently a few freighters have been attacked by the … Continue reading Review: Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek # 34)