Review: What Happened At Hazelwood

What Happened At Hazelwood by Michael InnesMy rating: 4 of 5 stars Only Innes can conjure up such make-belief and make it convincing."Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss..."First Line: Nobody could have predicted just what has happened at Hazelwood, and at the moment it appears as if nobody can elucidate it either.Pages: 237Source: … Continue reading Review: What Happened At Hazelwood

H is for Hamlet, Revenge! by Michael Innes

Michael Innes (J.I.M Stewart) is one of my favourite Golden-Age writers and there was a time when I read his books one after the other till I ran through all the titles the various libraries (I frequent) had on their shelves. After all these years, the titles and the plots are a little hazy but … Continue reading H is for Hamlet, Revenge! by Michael Innes