Dark Desires: Dickens’ Edwin Drood

'Edwin, Edwin, Edwin,' she repeats, trailing off into a drowsy repetition of the word; and then asks suddenly: Is the short of that name Eddy?''It is sometimes called so,'he replies, with the colour starting to his face.'Don't sweethearts call it so?' she asks, pondering.How should I know!'Haven't you a sweetheart, upon your soul?''None.'She is moving … Continue reading Dark Desires: Dickens’ Edwin Drood

Charles Dickens Month: The Man Who Liked Dickens

"We will not have any Dickens today ... but tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that...."As part of Charles Dickens  bicentennial celebration, Amanda @ fig and thistle, is holding a Charles Dickens Month, this January. So read, review, and write about Dickens as part of the celebration.A lot is already known about … Continue reading Charles Dickens Month: The Man Who Liked Dickens