Locked-Room: The Double Turn by Carol Carnac (1956)

Adrian Delafield, once a great-in-demand painter of the Victorian era, now lives a secluded life at Firenze at St. John's Wood, looked after by his devoted maid, Miss Trimming. Trimming who is a religious fanatic keeps him away from 'the evils of the world'; one of those evils apparently being Delafield's own daughter, Virgilia Delafield, … Continue reading Locked-Room: The Double Turn by Carol Carnac (1956)

A Biblical Locked-Room Mystery

In a recent discussion on locked-room mysteries at the blog, Rick Mills (who blogs at Mystillery and hosts some wonderful challenges) pointed out that locked-room mysteries have a long history and referred to a story in the Book of Daniel, where Daniel has to solve the mystery of the disappearing food. If you haven't read … Continue reading A Biblical Locked-Room Mystery