Terrible: Two Bookshops gutted in the US

I have never been to the US and had never heard of these bookshops before reading about their destruction by a riotous mob but it has left me feeling terrible. The thought of all those books being charred to ashes perhaps never to be recovered has left me depressed and sorrowful. What do people gain … Continue reading Terrible: Two Bookshops gutted in the US

The Locked-Room Mystery and Agatha Christie

Thanks to John @ Pretty Sinister Books, I became aware of an article on the resurgence (or so the author claims) of the locked-room puzzle in contemporary crime fiction. Just for the record, John wasn't impressed by the article stating that "the author completely misconstrued the term “locked room” into a metaphorical meaning rather than … Continue reading The Locked-Room Mystery and Agatha Christie

Blogging…Once Again

I have missed discussing books and interacting with those kind enough to visit my blog, so here I am once again. WordPress is new to me (and a little daunting). I hope I get it right. Once again... And I hope everybody is well in his/her part of the world.

Challenge Complete: Vintage Mystery 2017

I have successfully completed the Vintage Mystery Challenge 2017 @ My Reader's Block. I read around  25 golden age mysteries but the ones with the covers that corresponded with the objects in the card are the following:1. Plane: Lost Horizon by James Hilton (1933)2. Building (other than House): Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers (1913)3. Blonde: … Continue reading Challenge Complete: Vintage Mystery 2017