Books on the Mahabharat

The Mahabharat is not only the longest epic of this world, it is also the fifth Veda, and my all-time favourite book. This year I read three book based on it. All of them deserve a detailed review and I might do that next year but as of now, I am only summarising them in … Continue reading Books on the Mahabharat

M is for Mahabharat

The Mahabharat is one of the two principal epics of India. The longest epic in the world, it is often considered the fifth Veda. To me, quite simply, the greatest tale ever told.*Is there any book you rate above all others? Do share.*Entry for letter M

Book Most Thankful For

On this Thanksgiving Weekend, Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelves has posed the question as to which book one is most thankful for. The Mahabharat is my all-time favourite book. Passion, Romance, Friendship, Courage, Chivalry, Envy, Arrogance, Cowardice, Sacrifice, Suffering...: It contains the kernels of all the literary plots of the world. However, most translations don't do justice to … Continue reading Book Most Thankful For