Crammed together: Nine Books

My to-be-reviewed pile for 2022 is long and toppling over. Before I forget all about the books, here are just a couple of lines about nine of them. So in no particular order: Death of a Hollow Man (1987): I had enjoyed Caroline Graham's The Killings at Badger's Drift, the first in her Inspector Barnaby's … Continue reading Crammed together: Nine Books

Two Books on History

As the countdown for the new year begins, I am scrambling to finish the books that I had challenged myself to read this year. Here are brief descriptions of two books on history.WHITE MYTHOLOGIES (1990)Love the Cover.A character in George Orwell's 1984 comments that whoever owns the past, owns the present. Is it any surprise … Continue reading Two Books on History

Forgotten Books: Mira and the Mahatma

Sudhir Kakar's Mira and the Mahatma depicts the relationship between India's Father of the Nation M.K. Gandhi [revered as the Mahatma (or Great Soul) in India] and Madeline Slade, the daughter of a British admiral, who was so influenced by Gandhi's philosophy of life that she became one of his most ardent disciples, earning for … Continue reading Forgotten Books: Mira and the Mahatma