S4S- Favourite Characters from Series

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme hosted @ A Little but a Lot. For the past few weeks I have been musing about participating in it and finally decided to jump in this Sunday which asks us to list six favourite characters from a series. So here they are, in chronological order of my discovering them:

Fatty: Fatty or Frederick Algernon Trotteville was my childhood hero. The leader of the Five Find-Outers from book 3 of the series of 15 books, Fatty had brains, and the ability to get out of a locked-room. Enid Blyton deserves praise to make a fat boy not the object of ridicule but the hero who was an adept hand at disguising himself and solving mysteries.

source: thisisschool.net

Bhootnath: The anti-hero of Babu Devki Nandan Khatri’s legendary Chandrakanta series who resurrects himself in order to atone for the sins that he has committed is another childhood favorite. Daring and accomplished, his greed leads to his crimes and downfall but his determination to chart a new course doesn’t waver even when he is wrongfully accused by those he has helped again and again in the new chapter of his life.

Paul Drake: The detective who helps Perry Mason in solving the cases is my favourite of all the characters in the Perry Mason series. Here’s how Erle Stanley Gardner describes him:

Paul Drake, the detective, bore no resemblance whatever to the popular conception of a private detective, which was, perhaps, why he was so successful.

He was a tall man with a long neck that was thrust forward inquiringly. His eyes were protruding , and glassy, and held a perpetual expression of droll humor. Nothing ever fazed him. In his life, murders were everyday occurrences; love nests as common as automobiles, and hysterical clients merely part of an everyday routine…..He spoke with a drawl, walked with a long, slow-paced stride. He was thinner than Mason, seldom stood erect, but had a habit of slouching against a desk, a filing cabinet, or slumping to a languid seat on the arm of a chair. He gave the impression of having but little energy to waste and wishing to conserve that which he had.

I love it when he and Della flirt with each other or gang up against Mason.

Ronald Merrick: The racist Sahib who abuses his position and power should be a figure one loves to hate but Paul Scott conveys his own tortured feelings regarding his sexuality and insecurities of being a grammar school boy in class-conscious British society and creates a most memorable character who holds the Raj Quartet together.

Severus Snape: The Bat of the Dungeons who sacrifices himself for the girl who had thrown a few crumbs of comfort to him is, to me, the hero of the Harry Potter series.

Arthur Crook: Anthony Gilbert’s down-to-earth lawyer is so refreshing when compared to those blue-blooded aristocratic detectives of yore.


Love them? Hate them? Let me know. Who are your favourite series character?

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9 thoughts on “S4S- Favourite Characters from Series

  1. Brilliant to see Ronald Merrick here, I wish I had thought of him in my choices! Such a great series – and he was so well played by Tim Piggott-Smith.

    And I love Snape too, though I do wonder if that is at least partly because he was played in the films by the wonderful and late lamented Alan Rickman.


    1. Welcome to the blog, Rosemary.

      Tim Piggott-Smith was brilliant as was Alan Rickman. Both went rather suddenly, didn’t they?

      Thanks for the follow. hope you like the posts.


  2. I like Paul Drake also. Over the last few years we have watched several seasons of the TV series and he is very entertaining. Della too. I have a lot of the Perry Mason books to read.

    I haven’t read many of the Arthur Crook books and plan to read more.


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