Short Notes: Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon (1997)

Los Alamos. 1945. Robert Oppenheimer and his group are running against time to create (what a character in another novel termed it) “the ultimate solution“. The murder of a security guard sets the alarm bells ringing and Michael Connolly is sent to investigate the murder. Among the first things told to him when he reaches the site is that the ‘wives are off-limits’. So what does our hero do? He promptly falls for the wife of a scientist. She, on her part, having told him that she has a husband and it is something that he should bear in mind, a few pages later, is desperately clawing his clothes off, so much so that they do it against the wall in her home. Her bed, you know, is sacred to her [Excuse me, while I go and puke].

Okay, so our hero, instead of solving the mystery, begins to act like a horny teenager, but hey the heroine does help because she has a long and convenient list of husbands, lovers, and friends who can be betrayed, used, and thrown aside.

The edition that I own has pages and pages of praise for this book. Apparently I don’t have that kind of critical acumen.


First Line: A Mrs. Rosa Ortiz found the body.

Publication Details: NY: Island Books, 1998

First Published: 1997

Pages: 517

Other books read of the same author: Nil

6 thoughts on “Short Notes: Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon (1997)

  1. I was just thinking of reading this book. I have lots of books by Kanon and haven’t read any of them. Maybe I better not make this one my first book by Kanon.

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