7 thoughts on “Reading Challenges: Vintage Mystery, Mt. TBR, Follow the Clues, and Read it again, Sam

  1. These challenges look fun, Neer. I am doing the Vintage Scavenger again, and the Read it Again challenge. The Follow the Clues challenge sounds very interesting but not sure I would be able to make the connections. I will think about that one more.


  2. I elected not to do the MT. TBR this time because my problem with challenges is the linking up after reviewing. With the TBR, that turns out to be a lot of books for me. I have been cogitating more on the Follow the Clues challenge though. It would not be easy but would be interesting.


  3. I have the same problem. Linking up is a pain. But I am glad you are thinking about joining Follow the Clue. I too have started on a trail of evidence.


  4. I'm so glad you're joining in with my challenges. And, honest–you aren't required to link up reviews for Mount TBR (or any of the challenges, really). For those with prizes–the check-in posts and final tallies are all that I require.


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