8 thoughts on “The #1956 Club

  1. This sounds like a very interesting challenge, Neeru. And I think you’ve made some nicely varied choices. I’ll be interested in what you think of them.

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  2. Yes, I am participating. Looking forward to it. Your books look interesting and I look forward to hearing what you think of them. I have not read Jean Potts yet, although I have several books by her. I have read lots of books by Erle Stanley Gardner and still have many yet unread.

    I have read Voyage into Violence by Frances and Richard Lockridge and will be reviewing it tomorrow or Tuesday. I am reading The Keys of my Prison by Frances Shelley Wees right now and will review later in the week.

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    1. Tracy, you must try Jean Potts. She is quite remarkable. I read a lot of Gardner in my student days, not so much after that. Looking forward to reading Perry Mason once again. Since long I have been wanting to read the Lockridges but haven’t read them as yet. Looking forward to your review of their book as well as the Wees one. I remember reading abt it somewhere (your blog?) but can’t recall right anything now except that I was intrigued by it.


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