A Baker’s Dozen: Purchases from a Book Fair

Last Sunday, LO and I, visited a small book fair near our home. As his exams were going on, however, we could only visit it for an hour. Here are 13 books that we purchased:

It was a wonderful hour that we spent and though I could hardly look at books for myself, it was great to see him choosing the books. Must say, there are quite a few of his books that I want to read. Any that tempt you?

6 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen: Purchases from a Book Fair

  1. Oh, book fairs are so much fun, Neeru! I never go to one without finding some treasures! And you got some great ones. I grew up reading Nancy Drew, so it was great to see that. And I like Horowitz’ work, so that one got my attention as well. And Roald Dahl – what a talent!! These are some excellent choices!

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    1. Margot, I hadn’t attended a book fair for ages. The last couple of years because of corona and before that for some other reason so it was wonderful visiting it once again and though it was small, I enjoyed it immensely.

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  2. I always regret being too old to have enjoyed Horowitz’s children’s books at the right ae for them, since his adult books are fun! I have the Saki collection on audio but haven’t got around to it yet, but I’ve enjoyed the occasional story of his that has turned up in anthologies.

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    1. Absolutely love Saki, one of my favourite short story writers along with Somerset Maugham, O’Henry and Mohan Rakesh. Harowitz’s children books seem interesting, I’ll definitely be reading the ones in my son’s collection.

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