From the Back Pages: How many have you read? [Part I]

Recently, I read J.M. Walsh’s The Hand of Doom. The author was new to me and the book proved to be no great shakes but the book had a list of other novels on its back pages. The books listed, except for those of Brian Flynn, were absolutely new to me. I hadn’t even heard of the authors. Thought it’d be fun to see how many of these have been read by others. So here are 13 books from the list, let me know if you have read/ heard of these books or authors:

The Hairpin Mystery by J.M. Walsh

The White Mask by J.M. Walsh

Smoking gun!

The Mystery of the Crystal Skull by George M. White

The Devil that Slumbers by H. Warner Allen

Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the Empath! This Viann has hair though.

The Company of Shadows by J.M. Walsh

The Windblow Mystery by Edward Gellibrand

The Images of Han by J.M. Walsh

The Nine Pointed Starr by Claude W. Sykes

Black Velvet by C.B. Dignam

The Shadow on the Course by Ben Strong

The Toledo Dagger by Robert Brennan

Fatal Kisses by Elliott O’ Donnell

Spy and Counter Spy: The Development of Modern Espionage by Richard W. Rowan


So what’s your score? How many read/ unread/ on the TBR/ heard about/ completely unknown? Going by the covers which one intrigues you the most? For me it’s The Devil that Slumbers.


Part of A Baker’s Dozen series.

12 thoughts on “From the Back Pages: How many have you read? [Part I]

  1. I’ve heard about these, Neeru, but I admit I’ve not read them. For some reason, The Windblow Mystery interests me. I’m not sure if it’s the cover or the title or something else, but it got my attention.

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    1. WoW Margot! Great that you have heard about these, except for Walsh whom I know because of the book that I read, hadn’t even heard of the others. The Windblow Mystery does seem interesting.

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