Short Notes: Life Cycle by Harry Carmichael (1978)

I discovered author Harry Carmichael last year and he immediately went on that list of authors whose books I pick up without thinking twice.

Dr Andrew Wingate finished his evening surgery on an overcast Monday in June and after having asked his receptionist to go home too as she was unwell, proceeded to make home-calls to three of his patients. He made it to two homes who noticed that he seemed to be a little in hurry but never to the third. The next day, the landlady discovered him back in the clinic with his head crushed. Detective-Superintendent Tom Hennant, denied the chance to enjoy his first off-day in ages, came grumbling to the scene of the crime. Soon reporter Quinn of the Morning Post was on the crime-scene also and falling in love with the doctor’s receptionist.

I liked the book though there was something very sad about the reason for the murder. Also it was tragic that sometimes your best intentions can just lead to havoc. But more than the mystery, in these books I am also concerned about the relationship between Quinn and his insurance-agent friend John Piper and I was sorry to see that they had become even more distant. I felt bad for Quinn but his rather vengeful attitude towards Dr. Wingate’s wife, Caroline, was just a shade too cruel and I can well understand why Superintendent Hennant turned stiff towards Quinn.


First Line: Dr Andrew Wingate, MB, ChB, DObstRCOG, held his usual evening surgery at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 7.

Publication Details: London: Collins (The Crime Club), 1978.

First Published: 1978.

Series: Quinn & Piper # 38.

Pages: 195

Source: HPL [F.C.A. 94]

Other books read of the same author: Death Trap; Vendetta

11 thoughts on “Short Notes: Life Cycle by Harry Carmichael (1978)

  1. Sad, perhaps, Neeru, but it also sounds like an intriguing mystery. And I do like to see characters and their relationships change, grow, etc.. over time. Sometimes, sadly, it means more distance. But it is human and therefore, authentic, at least to me.

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