Top Ten (+3) Tuesday: Books With Character Names in the Title

Today Top Ten Tuesday @That Artsy Reader Girl requires us to name 10 books with names of characters in their titles. I have chosen 13 of my favourite texts.

Bhootnath by Babu Devki Nandan Khatri

How many of these are your favourites too?

Part of A Baker’s Dozen.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten (+3) Tuesday: Books With Character Names in the Title

  1. Oh, such great choices, Neeru! I love it that you put some du Maurier in there, and …Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a classic, of course. Your other choices are clever, too! This is actually a really interesting meme, as we don’t often think about titles and names like that.

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  2. Lovely list Neeru. I see some favourites there like William and Jekyll and Hyde. Edwin Drood I haven’t read because I hate the thought of never knowing how Dickens would have ended it.

    I’m simply dying to read Bhootnath though am yet to find a copy. Have you seen the tv series? I watched a rerun but they stopped midway so was disappointing. I loved Chandrakanta but still to read the santati

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    1. Mallika, I am so very happy that you have read Chndrakanta. Hardly anybody knows about it nowadays though I grew up reading Devki Nandan Khatri ji’s book. ‘Chnadraknata’ serial was pretty good with some excellent music but they stopped it midway because of some lobbying against the producer. ‘Bhootnath serial’ was I think directed by Asrani’s wife but again DD played spoil-sport. I have the entire collection with me and I have read the books umpteen times though now it has been long since I returned to them. If only there was time…

      Drood is my favourite of Dickens’ books and somehow though it is not finished, that incompleteness gives it an extra charm because we can conjure up so many scenarios. The opening scene is a knock-out and John Jasper is such a compelling character. if you ever read it, I’d love to know your views.

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      1. Its so sad that Chandrakanta is not better known; I didn’t know the book till I saw the series but was happy to read it; it’s a really good fantasy story. I didn’t see the Chandrakanta tv series so regularly but it used to run when I was in school — I remember some people used to call one of our teachers Krur Singh 🙂

        Bhootnath I started watching and was enjoying but it disappeared; they have the episodes on the DD YouTube channel, so let’s see if they have it till the end there.

        You’re really making me want to read Edwin Drood; I’ve avoided it so far because it wasn’t complete.

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