First Read of 2022: Shahid Sukh Dev by Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich (2016)

Of the three young men who were hanged by the British Colonial Government on 23rd March 1931, a lot is known about Bhagat Singh (1907-1931) with many books written and films produced on him. The same however cannot be said of his two comrades, Rajguru (1908-1931) and Sukhdev (1907-1931) who died alongside him.

Professor Waraich who has written a lot on the revolutionary movement in India and helped get so much material from across the border has thus done a yeoman’s service by writing Sukhdev’s biography in English. Much of what I read wasn’t new to me but for a person who doesn’t have much idea about the revolutionary, this provides a good introduction to his life and thoughts and his commitment and contribution to the freedom struggle of India.

First Line: Sukh Dev was born at Ludhiana…

Publication Details: Chandigarh: Unistar, 2016

First Published: 2016

Pages: 151


This is the second time in recent years when I have read a biography of the martyr as my first read of a year. In 2019, I had started my book-reading journey with Amar Shahid Sukhdev by Abid Rizvi. That was a kind of novelization of Sukhdev’s life and contained a few errors but was still an interesting read.

First Line: Bhartiya Swadhinta Sangram mein Sukhdev Thapar martbhumi par qurbaan hone ke liye jana jata hai…

Publication Details: Meerut: Maruti Prakashan, n.d.

Pages: 127


Do you like reading biographies?

8 thoughts on “First Read of 2022: Shahid Sukh Dev by Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich (2016)

  1. Glad you reviewed this. I myself am one who is probably more aware of Bhagat Singh’s story than Sukhdev and Rajguru. In fact, I’m also glad you brought Bejoy Kumar Sinha’s account to my notice as well since I wasn’t aware of the book either.

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