10 thoughts on “Sign-Up: 2022 Library Love Challenge

  1. What a great challenge, Neeru! Libraries really deserve as much support as we can give them. And I like the idea of using the library when one can; it’s more sustainable (and less expensive!). I look forward to reading your thoughts on the books you choose.

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            1. Somehow, in India, reading of anything other than course books and (at times) non-fiction is not encouraged by parents. Nowadays even the teachers seem surprised when a child shows enthusiasm for reading novels. The government, of course, never did much, except in a few states, to encourage library culture. And now having written this, I so much want to visit a library but it is again closed because of this Corona…


              1. Yes, it’s really sad that people don’t realise how much one can benefit from reading fiction, even if it’s just learning that one is after. I am lucky to have parents who read and always read, and as a result so have I.
                Hope you get to your library soon.

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                1. Yes, I am also thankful to my parents who never stopped the three of us from reading fiction. I am esp grateful to my elder sister who inculcated the habit in us. Really itching to go to the library.😁


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