Mathew Paust (1941-2021)

Yesterday, much to my shock, I learnt of the death of author and blogger, Mathew Paust at Todd Mason’s blog Sweet Freedom.

Over the years, since I started blogging, quite a few of my fellow-bloggers have passed away, always leaving one wretched. However, Matt’s death has hit me pretty hard as he was a blogging friend. He would constantly visit the blog and was always very encouraging. His own posts on his blog Crime Time are a testimony to what he called his best quality: his irreverent humour. When last year, the pandemic left us all floundering, Mathew started posting poems on his blog and it was wonderful to go through them amidst all the chaos and confusion.

He was always so full of life that I had no idea he was ailing. And now he is gone.

Om Shantih.

6 thoughts on “Mathew Paust (1941-2021)

  1. Matt Paust’s genial comments always provided insights (and occasionally humor) to brighten up the blogs he contributed to. The world is a sadder place now that Matt is gone.


  2. Neeru, I am sorry I missed this earlier. Matt was kind and humorous when he commented, and he was generous. Back in 2016 he sent me the copy of A Perfect Spy by John le Carre that he had read. Now that is my favorite novel by le Carre of all the ones I have read. And his reviews and posts were always fun and/or full of information. I will miss him.


    1. So true, Tracy. I loved his humour. I have been planning to read Carre for quite sometime but somehow haven’t managed to do so. How generous of Matt to send you a copy. His passing away is very sad.


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