Short Notes: Unexpected Night by Elizabeth Daly (1940)

I had heard about Henry Gamadge series by Elizabeth Daly and decided to begin reading them now. Unfortunately, this first one involving wills and impersonations, actors with marvellous skills, suffering heroines (who are actually insufferable), and a hero who the author is at pains to present as an insignificant normal bloke, didn’t impress me much. I think the most galling thing was that had the hero stayed for a couple of hours more at a particular place, all the tragedies that took place would not have occurred. Knowing the urgency of the situation and yet leaving at that crucial time somehow struck me as a little too much. But then again had he not left, we wouldn’t have had a murder mystery….


First Line: PINE TRUNKS IN a double row started out of the mist as the headlights caught them, opened to receive the car, passed like an endless screen, and vanished.

Publication Details: Felony and Mayhem, 2013

First Published: 1940

Series: Henry Gamadge#1

9 thoughts on “Short Notes: Unexpected Night by Elizabeth Daly (1940)

  1. I read most of the Henry Gamadge mysteries years ago and enjoyed them. When I see them reviewed more recently it seems most people don’t like this series. I did read The Book of the Dead two years ago, and I liked it but I can understand some of the criticisms.

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      1. I am glad to hear that, Neeru. I like many aspects of this series, and I am planning to catch up on the books I missed and do some rereading of the others.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this more, Neeru. I think Gamadge is a solid character (and what’s not to like about rare books?). Hopefully if you try anoterh of Daly’s novels, you’ll like it better.

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