Book Blogger Hop: Hype and Wrecks

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme that I discovered recently. Every Friday, a question is put up @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer which you can answer anytime during that particular week. For more details, see this page.

The question for this week: 3rd – 9th July – What book/books got a lot of hype but were a disappointment for you? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

There are quite a few in this category but I thought I’d mention two:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (2007)

Like millions round the globe, I was enchanted by the Potter saga so on the date this was released, I rushed out to buy it. The first chapter was superlative but then the novel just plummeted. At the end of the day, I was aghast. Had I spent so much time on this? It was such a disaster that since then I haven’t touched anything by Rowling.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (2015)

OMG! The way people talked about this book, I thought it would have a spell-binding mystery but then to discover that the mystery was paper-thin, that there were three neurotic women who spoke in the same vein and that too in the simple present was enough to put me off this author forever.


Are there books that got a lot of publicity but which left you feeling meh?


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2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: Hype and Wrecks

  1. I completely agree with The Girl on the Train, thin characters with dubious motivations. So popular though it seemed to spawn the whole current genre of ‘domestic thrillers’, which include books from the equally dismal Ruth Ware. I review both authors on my blog and am always disappointed seeing this new trend spread across store bookshelves posing as real ‘mysteries’, when they are rants about the woman who may or may not have taken her husband. I was excited to read AJ Finn – The Woman in the Window after initial reviews, then waited so long it was made into a film, and now, I’m afraid to pick it up, lest it reveal itself the same disappointment…

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  2. Eden, I almost included Ruth Ware’s Woman in Cabin 10 but then decided to write about just these two books. Like you, I am unable to understand the popularity of these books. They have completely ruined the concept of the unreliable narrator. And as for Domestic suspense and psychological suspense, those were done much better by the old masters. I think I have a copy of AJFinn somewhere as also a book called The Wife between Us. Right now I am not too interested in looking them up:)


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