Terrible: Two Bookshops gutted in the US

I have never been to the US and had never heard of these bookshops before reading about their destruction by a riotous mob but it has left me feeling terrible. The thought of all those books being charred to ashes perhaps never to be recovered has left me depressed and sorrowful. What do people gain from this? You can read about it @ The Rap Sheet.

8 thoughts on “Terrible: Two Bookshops gutted in the US

  1. I am saddened too by the destruction of those two bookstores and the violence that detracts from the protests of George Floyd’s murder in the streets of Minneapolis. The United States is a troubled land right now dealing with both the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest. But the U.S. has confronted problems before and I have hope that change can make things better. Thank you for your concern. We’re dealing with a lot of pain and sorrow right now.


    1. Oh I am very sure George that the US will emerge stronger from the troubled times it is facing right now. I am saddened by the vandalism shown. Those books perhaps were precious editions which had no copies. How will we get those back ever?


  2. I’ve been there twice and bought a boxful of books each time. I’ve even ordered via the internet when they were the only store with a decent copy of some rare book I wanted. We loved Minneapolis on our first visit which I talked about on my blog. I wrote about my visit to Uncle Edgar’s and I think I posted pictures of the books I bought there. Minneapolis is eclectic, artsy, innovative, and populated with smart and kind people. Heartbroken by this insane vandalism. How is a bookstore connected to police brutality in any way? I’m planning to donate to the GoFundMe page they’ve setup.


    1. Exactly, John. Hate it when there is wanton destruction in the name of protests. I felt the same when the Taliban destroyed the Bamyan Buddha. It is so easy to destroy what cannot come back. I’ll look for your posts on the bookshops.


  3. I posted about Uncle Hugo’s today, a reworking of a post I did when I visited there in 2015. It was an amazing place and I am really sorry that it is no more. I am grateful that the attempts to burn down DreamHaven Books, which is another incredible store near there, were thwarted because the book they lit on fire and left to burn the rest of the store just smoldered and went out.


  4. Not certain what the best literary equivalent of bummer might be, but bummer works quite well for me. Thanks for sharing this information, Neeru. I don’t have TV, and my wifi has been funky of latel, so this was news. And it is a bummer!


    1. Wish I could have shared some positive news, Matt. I also don’t have a TV and for the last couple of years, have stopped buying newspapers too. My husband tells me major news and off-late there is hardly anything good.


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