Star Trek #15: Corona by Greg Bear (1984)

Days of feeling dispirited and dejected.. and then I came across a write-up on this book @ and realised this was what I needed. What could be more comforting than being in the company of one’s favourite space-ship crew? And I cried tears of laughter when Bones commented on Spock’s report:

“…The information relayed by the buoy is incomplete and highly inadequate. In short, the Enterprise will be entering unknown conditions, with unknown consequences.”

“Yet again,” McCoy said. “How cheering.” (29-30)

The Federation receives a distress call from a far-distant planet inhabited by the Vulcans. One of the Vulcans is a distant relative of Spock but when the Enterprise reaches there on a rescue mission, they find that the people over there are not willing to be rescued. Ten years have passed since they sent that call and since then they have made progress so that there is no fear now. Some of the people of the planet had been put in suspended sleep and McCoy is keen to have them in the spaceship so that they can be revived. Only there are new computer monitors which can over-ride the decisions of the Captain and the Chief-Medical Officer. While Kirk chaffs at his actions being under observation, McCoy is shocked when he is instructed by the monitors to leave the people as they are legally dead. He would not give in but if he asks his captain to help him, he knows that both of them would be stripped of their positions. Can he ask his friend to take such a risk for the sake of the ‘sleepers’ whose chances of recovery are slim, if any? How do they circumvent the monitors then? Further, there is a reporter in their midst sent specifically to report on the installation and working of the monitors. Also the people of the planet begin to turn from uncooperative to hostile, under the grips of the titular Corona. What does the crew do?

“Keep a stiff upper lip as usual.”

Enjoyed this as the writer did get right the voice of the characters, especially Bones. The scientific aspect must be good too as the author, I have come to know, is a renowned sci-fi writer but I never read Star Trek novels for that, always read them for the interaction between the crew and that I enjoyed. However, what I can’t understand is similar covers being used for two Star Trek novels.


Do you enjoy reading Star Trek novels? Any that you’d like to recommend?


First Line: From horizon to horizon, the sky was filled with a dark purple glow, broken by wisps of milky white and luminous green.

Publication Details: NY: Pocket Books, 1984

First Published: 1984

Series: Star Trek TOS #15

Pages: 192

Source: Open Library

Other books read of the same author: None

4 thoughts on “Star Trek #15: Corona by Greg Bear (1984)

  1. I am so glad my post about CORONA brought you some joy! I was a Trekkie from the get-go back in the 1960s. I read many of the STAR TREK novels published in the 1970s and 1980s. Yes, they varied widely in quality, but the good ones–like Greg Bear’s CORONA–captured some of the essence of the original TV program. Live long and prosper!


    1. Welcome to the blog, George and thanks for the follow. Very encouraging.

      I am really very thankful to you for posting about this book as during that time I needed a comfort read like this. Would love to read more reviews of these novels.

      Live long and prosper.


  2. My number one Star Trek episode is ‘The Enterprise Incident’, and I was so happy to read ‘Vulcan’s Heart’ by Josepha Sherman and Susan Swartz, which continued the storyline of Spock and Romulan commander Charvenak, memorably played by Joanne Linville. (Off topic: you might like the work of Theodore Sturgeon, a writer for Star Trek – and the originator of the Vulcan hand gesture and the phrase Live Long and Prosper. I reviewed his Synthetic Man on my blog.)


    1. Some how the name Theodore Sturgeon seems very familiar though I can’t recall reading any of his books. I’ll look at your review of his novel and also search for Vulcan’s Heart. Thanks for the suggestion. As for Spock, I find his love for the girl he meets on that icy planet very heart-breaking. Spock turned quite a Casanova in that third season 😀


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