20 Books of Summer ’20

For the first time, I am participating in 20 Books of Summer event, hosted @ 746 books. Starting from tomorrow, 1st June till 31st August, I have to finish (read and review) 20 books from the 23 listed below. The 3 extra are just a safety net. 😀

These are the books I have selected:

Ruins of Gorlan -John Flangan

They Don’t Dance Much – James Ross (June/ August ’20)

The Aosawa Murders – Riku Onda

The Death Head’s Chess Club – John Donoghue

Death in Fancy Dress – Anthony Gilbert

source: https://twitter.com/CBGHeritage

Seven Dead – J.Jefferson Farjeon

Fancy Dress Ball – J. Jefferson Farjeon

Back to Victoria – J. Jefferson Farjeon

The Mad Hatter Mystery – John Dickson Carr (July/ August ’20)

Plague Court Murders – Carter Dickson

Aunt Biddie – Joseph Shearing

Moss Rose – Joseph Shearing

The Strange Blue Yawl – Lucille Fletcher (June ’20)

The Girl in Cabin B54 – Lucille Fletcher (August ’20)

Death in Tunnel – Miles Burton

Miss Bones – Joan Fleming (June ’20)

Be a Good Boy – Joan Fleming

When I Grow Rich – Joan Fleming

A Thirsty Evil – P.M. Hubbard (June ’20)

The 24th Horse – Hugh Pentecost (July/ August ’20)

Death of a Stray Cat – Jean Potts (August ’20)

The Last Escape – E.C.R. Lorac (June ’20)

The Golden Beast – E.P. Oppenheim (June/ August ’20)

Have you read any of these? How did you find it/ them? If you want to participate in the event, you can do so over here.

16 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer ’20

  1. What a great list, I’ve not read any of these and they all look very interesting, so I look forward to your reviews.. I’ve still to do my list and it’s already 4pm, so I’d better get going.


      1. Hi – would you be able to email me direct as there is a problem with my name on the comment I posted above and I need to get it changed if possible? Sorry to be a nuisance. Thanks.


  2. I’ve just randomly found The Aosawa Murders in a bookshop but have not read yet. You will love Death In The Tunnel by Miles Burton – I have reviewed Burton’s The Hardway Diamonds Mystery and (under his other pseudonym John Rhode) Death On The Boat Train and Death at Breakfast – I’ve just purchased The Paddington Mystery. I have a big collection of EP Oppenheim, my favourite being The Great Impersonation and The Last Train Out. Those as well as The Grassleyes Mystery and A Daughter Of The Marionis are all reviewed on my site. You are very organized, I tend to grab whatever is in front of me – Happy reading!


    1. I am not too organized, Eden. A majority of these books are needed for the various Reading Challenges I am participating in. Further they are taking up a lot of space in my laptop and I need to read them before my laptop stops talking to me. It was a Miles Burton review that led me to your blog so I’ll always be thankful for that. Have recently read his Secret of High Eldersham which faltered after a promising beginning. I read The Great Impersonation this year. It was interesting but not as good as The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent. Am excited about The Aosawa Murders.

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  3. I have not read any of these, so I look forward to all your reviews. I am pretty sure I have the one by Jean Potts, and I am intrigued by Death in Fancy Dress by Anthony Gilbert. And love that cover.


  4. The only one I’ve read is Death in Fancy Dress and I enjoyed it. Great cover, isn’t it? Have a wonderful summer’s reading – I look forward to the reviews!


    1. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words FictionFan. It’s the first time I am participating in this so I am nervous as well as excited. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere.😀

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  5. I’m participating for the first time as well. Looks like a really fun event and fun way to spend the Summer.

    I love the covers of the British Crime Library books. Whoever designed that series did a marvelous job.


    1. Welcome to the blog. it’d be a big relief if I am able to get the readings done. always nice when one has the encouragement of a whole lot of people.

      The covers are fabulous, aren’t they? In these days of computer-generated images, they are doing a very good job.


  6. I have not read any of these!

    Going by title alone, I’m looking forward to your reviews of:

    Plague Court Murders – Carter Dickson
    The Girl in Cabin B54 – Lucille Fletcher
    Be a Good Boy – Joan Fleming
    The 24th Horse – Hugh Pentecost
    Death of a Stray Cat – Jean Potts


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