It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme, hosted by Kathryn @ The Book Date. It is a place to meet up and share what you have been, and are about to be reading over the week. It’s a great post to organise yourself.

Well since my last post, I am glad to have finished Lucille Fletcher’s …And Presumed Dead which turned out to be a great read. E.C.R. Lorac’s Black Beadle was a middling read. Two books, however, which I am very relieved to have finished are Joseph Kanon’s Los Alamos and Justine Picardie’s Daphne. I didn’t enjoy either but at least have cleared some space on my shelves.

Couldn’t make any progress with Death by Request partly because both Daphne and Los Alamos took plenty of time with the former over 400 pages and the latter over 500 pages and partly because I read two books which were recommended on blogs: Corona (Yup! That’s the name!) by Greg Bear and Shadow of Madness by Hugh Pentecost. Both were good reads, especially the Pentecost one which was unputdownable. Would be reviewing both soon.

Currently reading Stephanie Doyon’s The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole, a tale of growing-up. Am enjoying it so far:

In every marriage, there are certain times that cause a spouse to reconsider her vows, and for Franny this was one of those moments. Suddenly she remembered being back in her parents’ kitchen not even an hour before the wedding, watching her father sign a check he promised gladly to hand over if only she’d ditch “that dumb ox”. It occurred to Franny, as she finished pinning the baby’s diaper, that she had never even bothered to see how much the check was written out for.

“It’s not a botched circumcision, Larry. Jack’s a girl.”

Also reading Conyth Little’s The Black Lady and finding it a hoot with squabbling relatives and friends gathered together for a weekend birthday celebration:

I opened a door that led from the porch into the house, on his direction, and was immediately sorry, since it opened directly into Uncle George’s bedroom. Worse then that, Uncle George was in residence, and partly undressed.

I blushed to the roots of my hair; Uncle George froze into cold and glassy immobility, and Bruce said, “Serves you right for not bolting the door.”

We passed through the room and into a corridor, leaving Uncle George still unthawed.


What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these? Which one/s did you enjoy?

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8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I like Hugh Pentecost and will be interested to hear about Shadow of Madness. Also, Conyth Little. I have read one by this author (or actually sisters using that pseudonym) and I will be reading more of them.

    I just finished The Accident by Chis Pavone, which I liked so much I was able to read 500 pages in 2 days, unusual for me. Next I will start Slight Mourning by Catherine Aird. Since that is an ebook, and I cannot read ebooks in the evening, I will have to pick another book to read along with it.

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    1. That was my first Hugh Pentecost and I am interested in reading more of him. Any suggestions? This is the second one by the Little sisters that I am reading and enjoying it much more than the first one I read. Wow! You must have really liked The Accident to finish it in two days. Los Alamos took me months to finish😀 Looking forward to your review of the book.

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  2. So glad you enjoyed Shadow of Madness by Hugh Pentecost…I hope my review on JetBlackDragonfly that inspired you! Like you I am always reading several books at once, interesting when they accidentally merge themes, locations, twists…

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    1. Of course, it was your review, otherwise I’d have never heard of the book. Any other book of Pentecost that you’d like to recommend?

      Glad to know that you too read several books at once. It is fun as long as one doesn’t forget characters and situations 😀

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  3. Corona! I’ve always meant to read a book by Greg Bear but I haven’t managed to yet. I usually have several books on the go at once, but lately I’ve just had one fiction, one nonfiction, and one audiobook going.


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