A Biblical Locked-Room Mystery

In a recent discussion on locked-room mysteries at the blog, Rick Mills (who blogs at Mystillery and hosts some wonderful challenges) pointed out that locked-room mysteries have a long history and referred to a story in the Book of Daniel, where Daniel has to solve the mystery of the disappearing food. If you haven’t read it, here it is:



Happy Easter.

4 thoughts on “A Biblical Locked-Room Mystery

  1. Thank you, Neeru. This story [Daniel chapter 14] does not appear in all versions of the Bible, Wikipedia explains “while it is viewed as canonical by both Catholic and Orthodox Christians, it is considered apocryphal by most Protestants and typically not found in modern Protestant Bibles [which end with chapter 12]”. It also appears in The Omnibus of Crime, edited by Dorothy L. Sayers (1929).


    1. Oh I see. You know, Rick, that’s another thing that I learnt. Had no idea that different Christian sects had different versions of the Bible.


  2. If you’re interested, JJ and I compiled a locked room anthology, entitled Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums, which covers over 2000 years of impossible crime fiction. You can download a free copy of it here.


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