Review: Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon Lost Horizon by James Hilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first chapter – as four men meet in an airport cafe and discuss a man and a plane, both lost – confirmed to me why I’d always prefer vintage literature to contemporary literature. The romance of a world- still unknown and uncharted – has disappeared, leaving behind sordid tales of dysfunctional families, demon-ridden detectives, serial killers, and neurotic females. Give me a vintage mystery anytime.


First Line: Cigars had burned low, and we were beginning to sample the disillusionment that usually afflicts old school friends who meet again as men and find themselves with less in common than they used to think.

First Published: 1933

Source: CL [823 H54L]

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13 thoughts on “Review: Lost Horizon

  1. Synchronisity – I haven't seen anyone in my mostly \”classics\” circles mention this childhood favorite of mine in a while, until I just saw it in another bloggers favorites of 2017 post…and next thing up in my inbox was your submission. I loved this as a child of probably 12, and have wondered if adult me would still love it. I'm due for a reread soon…but glad to see you enjoyed it.


  2. Neer – Thanks for reminding me to read some Hilton in 2018. I’ve read this one, and GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS, and RANDOM HARVEST. I have a couple of others. But the one I really want to read is KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOUR, about an English spy who helps a woman get out of Russia at the time of the revolution.


  3. Sorry for the late reply, Joseph. I have noticed too that many of the writers or books that one read in school have now fallen off the radar. Were you able to re-read it?Thanks for the visit.


  4. Thanks for that info about Knight without Armour, Elgin. Sounds very interesting. Haven't read any other book of Hilton barring Goodbye Mr. Chips.


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