Review: The Film of Fear

The Film of Fear The Film of Fear by Frederic Arnold Kummer Jr.
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

An okay mystery interesting only because of its background of a budding film industry in the US.


First Line: Ruth Morton finished her cup of coffee, brushed a microscopic crumb from her embroidered silk kimono, pushed back her loosely arranged brown hair, and resumed the task of opening her mail.

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7 thoughts on “Review: The Film of Fear

  1. I've read some of Kummer's pulp mysteries. He had a very long career. His very early stuff like this book you read is old-fashioned and hokey, but can sometimes be fun. I enjoyed THE SMALL GREEN GOD (I think that's the title) which I'm sure is in a similar vein as THE FILM OF FEAR. I reviewed a very unusual, pretty good detective novel of his called THE SCARECROW MURDERS on my blog. He used several pen names (Arnold Fredericks is one of them) as well as his own name and wrote in all genres. A silly (now extremely dated) satire called LADIES IN HADES he wrote in his youth is probably only worth finding for the striking, slightly risqué illustrations by Gordon Ross …which you can also see on my blog ;^)


  2. John, welcome back. I think I have read the review of THE SCARECROW MURDERS. Isn't it the one with an Afro-American couple? Unfortunately, that book is not available on the Net. I'll have a look at your review of LADIES IN HADES (and no, it has nothing to do with those risque illustrations:)


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