Review: The Inheritance

The Inheritance The Inheritance by Tom Savage
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cliched: A gothic mansion, a maid in black, a wandering waif, a relative in an attic, a silent observer, a haunted fortune, murder and madness, and a heroine extremely beautiful. I don’t think I have ever read a book where the word beautiful was used so often. It literally made me gag, especially because the heroine didn’t really impress me. In fact, all the characters are more or less unpleasant. Yet despite all the cliches, the author does manage to shock you. Some of the twists I could guess, some not. I’ll like to read more of this author.


First Line: From a distance Randall House looks perfectly innocent but you should never be deceived by appearances.

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11 thoughts on “Review: The Inheritance

  1. I know what you mean about the use of all the tropes, Neeru. I've read books like that, too. I'm glad, at least, that you found some good in this.


  2. I have read books where I liked the writing style even though the story itself did not really appeal. If the author hooks me in, I figure he / she is doing a good job.


  3. I'd avoid Savage's second book VALENTINE — a wretched serial killer novel — but his first book PRECIPICE is quite good. Surprising twists that caught me off guard. So he wins major points for plotting. But you have to endure a cast of extremely shallow and selfish people. I enjoyed it because I hated so many of them and reveled in seeing them bumped off so gruesomely. High body count mysteries populated with despicable characters can be cathartic that way. For me I find myself sublimating my feelings for the people I encounter in the real world I think ought to be shoved off a cliff to a rocky beach. Aren't I awful?


  4. Not awful, John, just honest and truthful. There are many people I want to push off the cliff too. As you said, books are so cathartic, though sometimes I end up liking characters whom I'd detest in real life. What to do?Thanks for telling me about VALENTINE. I am not into serial killers at all so I'll avoid it but I'll definitely look for PRECIPICE. If it could catch you off-guard than it must be good.Have you ever met Savage? I read that he used to work in a bookstore called Murder Ink (love the name).


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