Review: Death And The Pleasant Voices

Death And The Pleasant Voices Death And The Pleasant Voices by Mary Fitt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gem of a read. A good mystery with the right sort of intrigue and atmosphere. The Anglo-Indian’s angst was a tad exaggerated though. Poor fellow. To imagine that he was the result of two people’s love for each other and yet to be so lonely and wretched.

First Line: I have never seen such lightening or such rain in all my life.

Source: Open Library

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6 thoughts on “Review: Death And The Pleasant Voices

  1. Good to hear this one is worthwhile. Fitt has a reputation for being hit and miss as a mystery writer, but not too bad as a novelist. I have a couple of her books including her very first one, THREE SISTERS FLEW HOME. Still — of course — unread.


  2. She was an absolutely unknown author to me, John, before I borrowed this book but am now impressed enough to borrow another of hers. Why don't you read her first book and let us know what you think.


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