Review: Vegetable Duck

Vegetable Duck Vegetable Duck by John Rhode
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


First Line: At a quarter to nine in the evening of Thursday, August 31st, Mr. Charles Fransham walked hastily up to the entrance of G Block, Mundesley Mansions, Battersea, and went in.

Series: Dr. Priestly # 40
First Published: 1944
Source: Open Library

Can’t understand how a person who could come up with such an ingenious murder plan as well as that trick with the letter could slip so badly? Come on, no disguise when interacting (profusely, no less) with others who might very well be called as witnesses.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Vegetable Duck

  1. Yes, Prashant, imagine our humble lauki/ ghia as an instrument of murder!!!!!!! Oh John Rhode was a most prolific writer. I have read only some 5-6 of his books. The one that I liked most was The Motor Rally Mystery.


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