Hurrah! An A: Reading Assignment Challenge 2016

With me getting an A for the last quarter too, I have successfully finished the Reading Assignment Challenge 2016 hosted by Michelle and Berls.

Here are the books read for this challenge, one for each month:

1. Bhagat Singh and His Legend (Ed) by J.S. Grewal  (May)

2. Bhai and Bhabi of Bhagat Singh: A Biography of Bhagwati Charan Vohra and Durga Bhabi by Malwinderjit Singh Waraich   (April)

3. The Boat by L.P. Hartley (October)

4. Jaya: An Illustrated Re-Telling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Patnaik  (February)

5. Krantiveer Bhagat Singh: Abhyudhaya and Bhavishya Ed. Chaman Lal (August)

6. Making History: An Introduction to the History and Practice of a Discipline Ed. Peter Lambert and Phillipp Schofield (September)

7. Outlaws by Javier Cercas  (January)

8.  Satyanveshi Vyomkesh by Shartendu Bandopadhyaya (Novemeber)

9. Terror and the PostColonial Ed. Elleke Boehmer (July)

10. The Trial of Bhagat Singh : Complete Tribunal Proceedings (With Sukhdev’s Remarks) Ed. Malwinderjit Singh Waraich (December)

11. Transnational History by Pierre-yves Sannier  (June)

12. Understanding Bhagat Singh by Chaman Lal  (March)

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