Challenge Complete: Full House 2016

AD 1: By author you wish was better known: Shirley Jackson (Haunting of Hill House)
AD 2: Laugh Out Loud Moments: The Rome Express
AD 3: Way Out of Comfort Zone: Terror and the Postcolonial
AD 4: Self Challenge: Ninety Three
AD 5: New Author to You: Javier Cercas (The Outlaws)

BD 1: Published in 2016/ Mythological Hero (Free Choice): Karn ki Atmakatha
BD 2: Book Club Worthy: The Bookman’s Tale
BD 3: Family Relationship Word in Title: Death of My Aunt
BD 4: Memoir: Invention of Solitude
BD 5: Would Make a Good Movie: The Power of the Dog

CD 1: Book From Series you Love: The Murders in Praed Street (Dr. Priestly # 4)
CD 2: Color Word in Title: Mystery at Greycombe Farm
CD 3: Book You Bought: Ponies and Mysteries
CD 4: First in a Series: Case of Three Detectives (Sergeant Beef #1)
CD5: Library Book: The Boat

DD 1: Debut Novel: Trent’s Last Case 
DD 2: Author’s Surname starts with the same letter as Yours: Epitaph for a Spy by Eric Ambler
DD 3: Setting begins with B: First Spark of Revolution (Bengal)
DD 4: You’d Like to Change the Cover:

What is this exactly?

DD 5: Published 2015: Revolutionary History of Interwar India

ED 1: Thought provoking Book: Aaj ka Bharat aur Bhagat Singh
ED 2: You didn’t want to put it down: Jaya 
ED 3: Author Outside Own Country: 1222 by Anne Holt (Norway)
ED 4: A Dominant Color on Cover: Making History
ED 5: Been on TBR Forever: Complete Tribunal Proceedings (With Sukhdev’s Remarks)


I am so pleased to have successfully completed this challenge. Now on to the 2017 edition.

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