Reading Challenges: 2 Old 1 New

Though, 2016 is almost three-quarters over, I am still signing up for challenges…

Carolyn @ RIEDEL FASCINATION  is hosting a brand new challenge called CELTIC COASTS in which we read literature pertaining to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Best of all, this is a challenge meant for discovering these places so there is no minimum requirement (though I guess you must read at least one book to qualify).

If you are interested, details can be found over here.


And now from the Celts to the Anglo-Saxons. The British Books Challenge is the one I have always finished. And though there might be only three months or so left, I intend to finish it successfully this year too. 12 books is all it takes.

Details over here.


Diversity on the Shelf is a challenge, I have always enjoyed doing. This year, I thought, it was not being hosted and rued the fact. But thankfully I was wrong. It is still being hosted albeit at a different blog. So I am signing up for shelf level 1 which means I’ll be reading 1-6 books for the challenge.
 Here are the details if you too would like to sign-up.

2 thoughts on “Reading Challenges: 2 Old 1 New

  1. Those sound like very interesting challenges, Neeru. I hope you'll have a good experience doing the challenges, and I'll look forward to your posts on your progress.


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