Krantiveer Bhagat Singh: ‘Abhyudaya’ aur ‘Bhavishya’ (Ed) Chaman Lal

One of the things that I invariably do while cleaning cupboards etc. is read the newspapers lining the shelves. Of course it tells you how tardy you have been in the cleaning (once I found the newspapers were years old and belonging to the era when newspapers in India were still b&w with no colour photos!!!!!!!!!!!!) but it is also fun going thru those past headlines and remembering events that one had forgotten. So going through this book which has selections from two newspapers: Abhyudhya and Bhavishya was wonderful though the editorials and reports and coverage of the trial of Bhagat Singh and his comrades made for some heart-wrenching reading, esp. the reports of the atrocities being committed by the police on the young men were too painful to read. No wonder the British banned the Bhagat Singh special issues which are reproduced in this book.

Professor Chaman Lal has done a yeoman’s service to the nation by bringing out this book. Reading it is like stepping back into that era when young men and women were ready to lay down their lives for the nation, when freedom was a much cherished objective, and when publishers, editors, reporters were ready to suffer for what they thought was the right thing to do. Highly recommended.


First Line: 14 August, 1947 ko Hindostan naam ka mulk duniya ke nakshe se mit gaya aur uski jagah usi dharti par ‘Pakistan’ aur ‘India’ that is ‘Bharat’ (India, jise Bharat kehte hain) ke naam se chihit kiya gaya.

Editor: Chaman Lal

Pub Details: Allahabad: Lokbharti Prakashan, 2012

First Pub: 2012

Pages: 560

Source: CL [891.433 CH 357 KA]

2 thoughts on “Krantiveer Bhagat Singh: ‘Abhyudaya’ aur ‘Bhavishya’ (Ed) Chaman Lal

  1. Oh, that does sound so interesting, Neeru! Old newspapers really do shed interesting light on the past, and give you a real perspective!


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