Mystery Challenges

Things have been so haywire this year that I do not even know the challenges I have signed up for. So there I was thinking that I had signed up for two of my favourite challenges, only to realise that no, I haven’t. Well, here I am, signing up for Vintage Mystery Cover Scavanger Hunt hosted
 @My Reader’s Block and My Kind of Mystery @ Riedel Fascination. For the first one I aim to read 6 books in the Golden Age category while for the second I am opting for Secret Messages which means I’ll be reading 5-10 mystery books.

If like me you have woken up late, follow the links above and join the challenges. Bev and Carolyn are fantastic hostesses. 

9 thoughts on “Mystery Challenges

  1. Oh, those sound like fun challenges, Neeru! I hope you'll enjoy them, and I look forward to reading about your progress.


  2. Good luck, Neer. I think similar challenges are what I need to get mack into blogging mode. I have been playing truant this year. Too many other things on my plate, which, apart from work, also includes my own writing.


  3. I am doing the Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt because I love book covers and especially the vintage paperbacks. I signed up for both Golden and Silver Age but am doing better in the Golden Age category.


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