This is a lively and lucid look at the emerging discipline of Transnational history. A look at the way history is being researched seeing the manner in which the local also had connections with the beyond. No use of jargon is a major plus point. And I loved the author’s cheeky sense of humour.

First Line: But not only is it true that no country can be understood without taking account of all the past; it is also true that we cannot select a stretch of land and say we will limit our study to this land; for local history can only be understood in the light of the history of the world.

Pub. Details: NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
Pages: 193
Source: CL [954. S87T]

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  1. This does sound interesting, Neeru. Our perspective on history often determines what we see what we explore it. A transnational approach makes a lot of sense.


  2. This should like an improvement over the usual method of studying in isolation, without also learning the context. It sounds like a good read.


  3. Never thought about history that way, neer, but it does make perfect sense now that I do consider it. It could be a very interesting book.


  4. Dear Margot, Jane, and Tracy, thanks for having a look.This is indeed an interesting book. What I found most refreshing was the author's sense of humour which one hardly finds in things related to academia.


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