Wrap-Up: Vintage Mystery 2015

I have completed the Vintage Mystery challenge hosted by Bev @ My Reader’s Block. My goal was to finish 2 bingos, I am glad to have completed five. (Line G, Line N, and the 1st, 2nd, and last horizontal rows). Total books read for the challenge: 26.

Here are the books read:


G1: Color in the Title: The Mystery of the Green Bottle by Sax Rohmer
G2: Set Anywhere except US/ UK: Call the Next Witness by Philip Mason. Set in my own India.
G3: A Crime Other Than Murder: Shootout at the Rocks by Ibn-e-Safi: The crime is robbery.
G4: Locked Room/ Impossible Crime: Crooked Hinge by J.D. Carr
G5: Medical Mystery: Stealthy Terror by John Ferguson. The Hero is a doctor about to start his own practice.
G6: Professional Detective: After the Funeral by Agatha Christe (Hercule Poirot)

O1: TBR: First Lines: The Old Dark House by J.B. Priestley: Margaret was saying something but he couldn’t hear a thing.
O2: Number/Quality in Title: Port of Seven Strangers by Kathleen Moore
O3: Animal in the Title:
O4: An Author Never Read Before:
O5: Spooky Title:
O6: Woman in the Title: The Case of the Sulky Girl by Erle Stanley Gardner

L1: Entertainment World: Murder at the Black Crook by Cecile Hulse Matschat
L2: Made into a Movie/ TV Show: The Case of the Silent Partner by Erle Stanley Gardner.
L3: Amateur Detective:
L4: Man in the Title: Patrick Butler for the Defence by J.D. Carr
L5: Academic Mystery:
L6: Mode of Transport: The Motor Rally Mystery by John Rhode

D1: Country House Mystery: An English Murder by Cyril Hare
D2: Lawyer/ Courtroom: The Case of the Baited Hook by Erle Stanley Gardner
D3: Read by a Fellow Challenger:
D4: Outside Comfort Zone:
D5: Clergy or Religion: Death Takes the Living by Miles Burton
D6: First/ Last Name same as Mine: The Shudders by Anthony Abbot

E1: Detective Team: House of Fear by Ibn-e-Safi (Imran and Farooq)
E2: Time/ Day/ Month: The Face in the Night by Edgar Wallace
E3: Birthday Read:
E4: Short Story Collection:
E5: Set in US/ UK
E6: Borrowed Book: The ‘Z’ Murders by J. Jefferson Farjeon

N1: Method of Murder: Death in Flames by Gordon Ashe
N2: Place in the Title: The  Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent by E.P. Oppenheim
N3: More Than one Title: Officially Dead by Quentin Reynolds
N4: Historical Mystery: Ayesha by H. Rider Haggard
N5: Author with a Pseudonym: Phantom Lady by William Irish (Cornell Woolrich)
N6: Food/ Drink/ Party: The Oval Table by J.Jefferson Farjeon

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