Challenging Myself: An Update and a Change

On 15th September, I challenged myself to read three books that had long been on my wishlist: Victor Hugo’s Les Miserable, and Ninety Three, and Upton Sinclair’s The Cry for Justice. Now while I have finished the first one (review coming soon) and am reading the third one, I find myself at a loss regarding Ninety Three. Of late, things being pretty hectic, I have been unable to go to the library to borrow it. So I am changing it with another book that again has been on my wishlist for long: Fredric Jameson’s Marxism and Form. Hopefully, I’d have read and reviewed all three by 15th October.

3 thoughts on “Challenging Myself: An Update and a Change

  1. There are quite a few libraries that I frequent, Prashant. The Hardyal Municipal Library, the Delhi Public Library, the Dyal Singh Public Library, the Nehru Memorial Library…Absolutely love libraries:)


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