Check-In: Horror Reading Challenge 2015

It is time for the second check-in @ Horror Reading Challenge hosted by the very enthusiastic Tracy of Cornerfolds.

Well, I did read a book which has a spooky begining Miles Burton’s Death Takes the Living but the book that really fits in the horror category is Ruskin Bond’s The Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings.

In the coming months, I plan to read at least a couple more.

7 thoughts on “Check-In: Horror Reading Challenge 2015

  1. A Face in the Dark sounds like a good set of stories for me to try horror stories (or at least ghosts). I have another book of ghost stories that my husband gave me, but I haven't tried those yet.


  2. Neeru – I often think short stories are good ways to get a perspective on a sub-genre, and they can work really well with ghost/eerie stories. I'll be interested in what you think of the challenge as you go on.


  3. Do read it Tracy. Some of the stories are extremely delightful with playful ghosts. Horror is not my cup of tea really but this kind of supernatural, I do not mind.


  4. Margot, since I am not into horror anymore, this is really a challenge for me. These stories were very interesting. Let's see what else I pick up for the challenge.


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