Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/ or Other A/V: Vintage Ads

Santas smoke cigarettes and babies drink beer
Tape worms help you lose weight, and guns are gifted at Christmas

A look at ads of yore when the world was gay….

Holy Smoke!

Tie-in-Bed: Fifty Shades of Van Heusen

Dr. McPuff

The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Incidentally, is she related to Angelina Jolie?

Next time take the vows with the Chef.

Catching them young.
Tears are a woman’s…


“…and on milk and beer they suck…”

“You may need one only once in your lifetime.” Obviously.

Another X’Mas gift. Shall we tell (on) the President?

And my favourite among these: The Old Man and the Stick

1& 11


Submitted for Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/ or Other A/V @ Sweet Freedom


This post is only meant to raise a few laughs but in case these ads are under some sort of a copyright which disallows posting like this, please let me know, and I’ll remove them

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/ or Other A/V: Vintage Ads

  1. I don't think you have to worry about copyright claims, Neer…advertisers wanted these to be seen, and surviving companies won't be too upset, for the most part. This isn't quite the sort of A/V I refer to…I don't usually include static print materials…but let's make an exception.


  2. Neeru – What a different world these ads show! I don't quite know where to begin, actually. They certainly show another side of the 'good old days,' that's for sure!


  3. How interesting, Neer, I usually think of vintage ads as nostalgic, but these border on the disgusting. A reminder that society has changed for the better in some areas and to some extent.


  4. Thanks Tracy for letting me know. I'll post an update soon.Glad you found the ads hilarious, I enjoyed them too esp that old man's. 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness!!! Fabulous post, Neer. And SO frightening in a weird sort of way. (I'm shaking my head in shock and awe – HA!) Were we all ever that stupid? Yeah, I guess so – once upon a time.


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