Last Review of 2014: Douglas Jardine: Spartan Cricketer

I wanted to write a lengthy review of Christopher Douglas’ biography of England’s toughest cricket captain: Douglas Jardine. Unfortunately, it seems right now I’ll just manage to write a few lines. For those who follow cricket, Jardine needs no introduction. He was given the unenviable task of bringing back at the Ashes at a time when people were saying that the Australian batsman Don Bradman should be given a smaller bat! Jardine’s tactics for stopping the Bradman Juggernaut are written in the annals of cricket history. Douglas’ book doesn’t make Jardine accessible but does fill a lacuna.

I definitely propose to write a detailed review later as ‘Bodyline’ was my ‘Summer Madness’ for this year and especially as this book was gifted to me by hubby dear. 🙂

First Line: Born on 23 October, 1900, Douglas Robert Jardine was, strictly speaking, a Victorian by only three months, but in almost every respect – intellect, morality, even appearance – he was a nineteenth century man.

Title: Douglas Jardine: Spartan Cricketer
Author: Christopher Douglas
Publication Details: London: Metheun, 2010
First Published: 1984
Pages: 238
Source: Gifted to me this year.
Other books read of the same author: None

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