BINGO! I Claim a Full House!!

I am so very pleased to claim A full house in the Vintage Mystery Bingo Challenge hosted @ My Reader’s Block. I have finished the Golden Card, reading books in all the 36 categories. Needless to say, I enjoyed the challenge immensely. I not only read old favourites like Eric Ambler and Ethel Lina White but also discovered authors like Arthur J. Rees and rediscovered John Dickson Carr.

Color in the TitleThe Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne
Set anywhere except UK/ USAThe Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
Crime other than MurderThe Secret of the Moon Castle by Enid Blyton
Locked Room MysteryThe Burning Court by J.D. Carr
Academic Mystery: Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey
Set in the Entertainment World Murder at the Pageant by Victor L. Whitechurch

More than One TitleAnd Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Number in the TitleThe Third Bullet and Other Stories by J.D. Carr
Food/ Cooks in some wayToo Many Cooks by Rex Stout
Author Never read BeforeNeither Five Nor Three by Helen MacInnes
Method of Murder: Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer
Woman in the Title I’ll Say She Does! by Peter Cheyney


Spooky TitleThe Hand in the Dark by Arthur J.Rees
Made Into a Movie: The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Amateur DetectiveMurder among Friends by Elizabeth Ferrars
Man in the Title: Watson’s Choice by Gladys Mitchell
Country-House Mystery: Rope’s End, Rogue’s End by E.C.R Lorac
Mode of Transportation: Journey Into Fear by Eric Ambler


Author Read BeforeThe Schirmer Inheritance by Eric Ambler
Lawyer/ Courtroom/ JudgeAccording to the Evidence by Henry Cecil
Read by a Fellow Challenger: Fear by L. Ron Hubbard
With a Professional DetectiveSteve Harrison: Detective of the Occult by Robert E. Howard
Involves Water: The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison
Outside Comfort Zone: Fire Past the Future by Charles Eric Maine


Detective TeamThe Black Spectacles by J.D. Carr
Time, Day, MonthDeath by Night by John Creasey
Translated WorkMille de Scuderi by E.T.A Hoffmann
Shortstory CollectionAshenden by Somerset Maugham
Set in EnglandThe Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad
Borrowed BookNatural Causes by Henry Cecil


Animal in the TitleCat of Many Tails by Ellery Queen
Place in the TitleFear Stalks the Village by Ethel Lina White
Size in the Title: The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammet
Medical MysteryGreen for Danger by Christianna Brand
Author with a PseudonymThe Devil to Pay by Ellery Queen
Set in USAThe Town Cried Murder by Leslie Ford


I will be joining the 2015 edition of the challenge soon (as soon as I make up my mind about the card I want to go for:). If you are interested, you can do so over here.

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